Getting started with P90X

The P90X is a screen with 12 sweaty, muscle-stimulating workouts designed to transform your body from a man to a fit body in just 90 days. in this article we will briefly tell you about getting started with P90X.

Without doubt, P90X is one of the most popular training methods today. Looking at the sales figures for training programs, it’s easy to see how popular they are. As of July 2009, the P90X has been purchased by approximately 2 million consumers worldwide. These people are grateful to Tony Horton, creator of the fitness program. To better understand and appreciate the P90X, it’s appropriate to look at the people behind its creation and immense popularity.

Tony Horton is considered one of the most experienced and popular personal trainers. Needless to say, Tony’s rise to fame was marked by his strong determination and strong will to push the limits of his physical body. Tony launched his acting career. Still, he was interested in disciplined, strategic bodybuilding. He was a staunch advocate of lean muscle routines. Once Tony completed his physical training, he began developing and perfecting his own exercise techniques. It was this vocation that eventually led to a career change from aspiring actor to a popular gym teacher in the 1990s.

Personal trainer (and program developer) Tony Horton will guide you and keep you on your feet every step of the way. The system also includes a comprehensive 3-step meal plan, specially designed supplement options, a detailed fitness guide, a calendar to track your progress, online peer advice and more.


The secret to the P90X system is an advanced training technique called “Muscle Confusion”. This is a technique that accelerates results by constantly introducing new movements and routines that “confuse” muscle groups and continue to build them, rather than settling into a plateau.

Whether you want to bulk up, lose weight, or just build muscle, there are endless ways to combine your P90X routines. Not only will it give you a new workout routine, but it will also motivate you for the next 90 days.

Apart from the complete set of training materials, the following equipment and materials (including food and supplements) are required to begin using the P90X Training and Weight Loss System.

Pull Up/Pull Up Bar

This is the equipment you need for some pull up/pull up specific routines. Some fitness companies sell them for about $26 plus shipping. Can be installed on standard size doors.

Yoga Mat & Block

Yoga Routines, Ab Ripper X, and other workouts require a yoga mat. A poor mat can hurt your tailbone when squatting on a hard floor. The yoga block helps you balance while holding certain poses.

Dumbbells and Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands can be used in place of dumbbells throughout the P90X workout program
Heart rate monitor/body fat scale/push-up stand

Measure your strength and training progress. These devices are available at most sporting goods stores.
The Body Fat Tester accurately measures body fat throughout the program. The stand makes your wrist easier.


There are several supplements that are needed immediately after exercise and during the times of the day when you need them most.

P90X Recovery Drink is designed to provide the exact nutrients you need to get maximum results from your P90X workout. The key to a successful P90X exercise is proper post-workout nutrition.

You also need 6 P90X Health Formula Vitamins daily. Supports immunity, supports energy, cardiovascular, memory, nerves, anti-aging, anti-stress, skin, hair and nails.

P90X is very demanding on the body, so you need to eat enough protein. During the first 30 days of using P90X, protein is the key factor. The best source of protein is whey protein powder.

The P90X nutrition guide calls for a performance bar for the first 60 days of your training program. You can find your favorite flavor in specialty stores.

Now You are ready to start your exercise and weight loss program.

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